“I have had the pleasure of utilizing the recruiting and placement skills of Beryl Smith for several years now. almost half of my current Staff are a direct result of her excellent abilities at finding great talent. She has also been able to supply me with qualified temporary assistant with very little prior notice (when those little emergencies arise).

Besides the quality of her candidates, I have always appreciated her integrity. Never one has she tried to push my designated salary range higher and place me over budget (as so many other recruiters have tried in the past.) Never once has she sent me an over or underqualiifed applicant that is a waste of my interview time. Even with temporary help, her rates have always been competitive with vastly more astute workers than her counterparts provide. I attribute this to her intense and thorough background investigations and comprehensive testing of all potential candidates.

While talent is always key, I also admire the way Beryl has always been able to find people that are ” a good match and a good fit” with the rest of my existing Staff. Hard working, high work ethic, honesty, a pleasant demeanor and professionalism are not qualities that can be “trained” into person. You either have it or you don’t and Beryl’s candidates always “have it..”

I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of Permanent, Temp-to-Perm and Temporary personnel.”

Kelley RyanAccounts Receivable & Contracts Admin. Manager


“Alexis and her team worked tirelessly to find just the right match for our open position of operations manager.  She is responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with.  We would definitely return to her for our future hiring needs.”

Caroline S. Welch, Chief Executive Officer


“Alexis has proven to be a very dedicated and loyal worker who truly cares about her clients. I have worked with Alexis to fill various open positions at my company and she is motivated and driven to find the right candidates for the positions. I highly recommend Alexis for any staffing needs you may have.”

Erika Borlund,  Director of Benefits Administration


“I was very pleased with the service I received from BCS Staffing, Inc. They listened to my needs and found me a candidate that exactly matched those needs in record time. I realized BCS was right. This was the perfect fit for my job. BCS moved quickly and professionally to make the offer and secure the candidate. I have to say this was a perfect hire.”

Jean WoodVice President, Investor Relations



“I’ve dealt with a lot of employment agencies, from independent recruiters to members of the top ten US agencies, and none compare to the personal service and professionalism of BCS Staffing, Inc. in Marina del Rey, California. From my initial interview with the BCS Staffing, Inc. to polishing my resume and coaching me on my personal presentation to potential employers, I felt my career search was in the best of hands. Thanks to BCS Staffing I landed the job of my dreams. BCS Staffing is top notch!”

Patricia Burkhardt, Executive Assistant

“Forever grateful to Beryl Smith and Alexis Nevarez of BCS Staffing, Inc. for their help in finding the perfect job for me. After months of job searching and coming up empty handed of course I started to feel discouraged. My job searches slowed down, but luckily not before I posted my resume on a job search site and Beryl reached out to me. At first I thought it would end the same as the others so initially I did not want to get my hopes up, Beryl set up a meeting with me to get an idea of who I was and what my interests were (as a GOOD recruiter should). Any nervousness I had prior to the meeting immediately went away once I met the two sweetest ladies ever (Beryl and Alexis). They warmly welcomed me, asked questions, and really got a feel for the person/worker I am and by the end of the meeting they already had a job and an interview set up for me. Not only did they explain what all the job entailed, they gave me detailed information on the company and its history, the CEO/CFO and the head of the department I would be applying for, the pay rate, parking arrangements/details, benefits, etc. They really did their homework. After presenting all of the information to me they asked if it was something that I would enjoy doing, after excitedly saying “yes!!” They let me know that they would get back to me with a confirmation of interview date and time. In addition to everything aforementioned, Beryl and Alexis ended the meeting by giving me feedback on my presentation, interviewing skills, and even took it a step further by handing me a sheet of tips and tricks to guarantee a successful interview. Of course with all of their help I am happy to say that my job search is over and I am now happily employed. Thank you BCS Staffing, Inc. for all of the kindness shown to me, thank you for reaching out, and using your expertise to help land me the PERFECT JOB.
If you are looking for a reputable recruiting company that will not only get you results, but do it with kindness, compassion, and go over and beyond to help find you the perfect job that matches your skill-set, interests, and needs you would be doing yourself a disservice if you do not contact the ladies of BCS Staffing, Inc.”
-Jasmine Whaley



“Thank you Alexis for your incredible dedication and support in helping me land a terrific job. This was the first time I have used a recruiter, and you exceeded all expectations. You went above and beyond throughout this entire process and fielded every one of my questions, even outside of traditional work hours. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional, caring and responsive business partner. Thanks a million!”

Office Manager


Hi Alexis,

Again, I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to send me all these useful links and helpful information. This alone makes me want to be a part of BCS Staffing! This organization is so fortunate to have someone as generous as a reflection of their company. Being new to the LA area can be overwhelming, but your useful recommendations have made my job search more of a reality.

~ Personal Assistant Candidate


“Calling Beryl a recruiter doesn’t do her justice, she is one of the most caring and straightforward individuals that I have ever met and she will make it her mission to match you with the right opportunity and people, that you may never be able to find on your own or with a typical recruiter.”

Ely GoldStaff Accountant


“When going to BCS Staffing, i had no idea how fortunate I would be after utilizing their services. Within a few weeks I had the job of a lifetime, and my life has changed for the better thanks to BCS Staffing!”

Aaron L. Myers IIFinance Audit Editor / Assistant Bookkeeper